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By January 24th, 2001, the Fintrend Asset Management had been fully incorporated into law. The holdings have a major positive impact on the GDP of Singapore. Around $230 million was spent globally on construction-related activities in 2012. Today, spending on the construction sector reaches $ 15 billion annually, or around 13% of the global GDP.

  • First Working Process

Our low-cost strategy maximizes your returns. born out of the conviction of our co-founders that direct real estate investment needs a revolution. Their goal is to bring their combined skill sets, expertise, and knowledge and open up the world of institutional real estate investing to everyone after establishing successful careers in the institutional real estate investment business and technological firms.

  • Audit & Assurance

The merits of real estate as an alternative investment asset class are well-proven – from wealth preservation, inflation hedging, returns generation, providing a source of consistent passive income stream, to diversification


More about Fintrend

Although the Fintrend Asset Management industry promotes economic development and brings many monetary benefits to many countries, it also creates room and opportunities by the introduction of investment and profits earning since the year 2013. The introduction of this apparatus as yielded major work and profits in the country

  • Our Objectives

our objective is to use our experiences and technological edge and help you build a diversified, global, and high performing real estate investment portfolio.

Our Ideology

How We Execute

We partner with best in class operators in each aspect of the investment process to create value addition

Our Conviction

There are sufficient opportunities for sustainable real estate developments to provide attractive returns to investors.

Inflation Protection

While stocks, bonds, and cash tend to be negatively affected by inflation, real estate has historically proven to be an attractive hedge against inflation.

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